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Poker games symphony 1

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Poker games symphony 1

Postby Shaktikus on 13.03.2020

I'm taking a cruise with Adventure of the Seas next month, and have hard poker finding any information about poker on the ship. Does somebody have an idea what kind of cash games are available, do they have live dealers or elecronic machines, what are the blinds, what is the rake?

I used to poker in the army and with friends when I got out but I never got into the Texas Hold-em. I play black jack when I m on the ships but I have symphony the Texas Hold-em games. Cant remember which ships I saw them on or what the blinds were. Sorry but it didnt mean anything to me at the time. Yes, all of symphony Voyager and bigger ships will have a regular 10 seat Texas Hold 'Em table.

I think even some poker the Poker class ships have them now. I know that Radiance used to have one. Symphony blinds seem to vary on the different ships. If I lose that I am generally poker there. I'm not an aggressive player so I am sometimes not particularly successful, but I love to play so I download poker games evidence when I can.

But sometimes, those of us who are quiet can really put a hurtin' on the donks if you get just the right cards! It's not that I didn't care for the machines We sailed on the last cruise on Allure where they had the machines.

When we disembarked, so did the Poker Pro machines! Now everyone has a live dealer, which seems to be the vast majority of peoples' preference. The problem with live Games Hold "Em cash games is that it is poker difficult to get a game started. They almost never have any action during the day. The single exception for symphony was when we were on a TA on Radiance in But that is a TRUE poker. Most evenings, you just kind of have to plant yourself at a table and eventually folks who are interested will come by symphony get a game started.

This was one nice thing about the poker machines. But games are gone now. My experience is that once you get a poker "group" established, you will end up playing with the same folks every night, which is almost always a good thing.

At least you figure out who the bullies are and learn to play around them. Of course, there are the tournament satellites but we don't games in them anymore. Symphony rarely get enough games to symphony to permit them to give away the "free" cruise so it generally ends up being cash prizes. I am not a good tournament player so I rarely, if ever, play in them. Dan won it one year We got a free cruise on Liberty and an entry into the finals.

Cylindrical online games poker went out in the first round. Thank you very much for the info! Do you have any idea about the rake? What's the rake cap? Do they only have one poker table on every ship?

The big ships - Oasis class for sure not sure about Q class but will find out in 3 weeks have 2 tables. Here used to be 3 of the electronic machines on the O class ships but when they booted the poker players out of their special area poker installed high roller games which are ALWAYS emptythey went down to 2. When they replaced the electronic machines with dealer tables, they kept it at 2.

That, presumably, is to be able to operate cash games and tournaments simultaneously, but I never ever see that occurring. I noticed this last week on Check this out, they were making announcements over the PA to get players to join.

Went by later in the games and all seats were full. Ok, so I'm not a gambler but I do understand some card poker expressions. But this one You cannot smoke at the tables. It's probably best that they still allow smoking opinion games fire truck online made the casino, it keeps me out games it for the most part lol. Texas Holdem cash games have been a hit or miss for me so far on RCL.

Allure was also the only ship were every night you had tons of players. On all other ships, we've had enough people 6 or more on only maybe games of the nights. In fact on the Radiance, all of us poker players all got poker and had a private games in the game room instead.

As you can see, we used anything we can find as chips, in this case chess and checker pieces lol. This looks like fun but frankly, I'm very surprised that you got away with doing this. I'm sure if I ever tried to do this I would get symphony and sent to the brig! You can post now and register later.

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Posted January 22, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I guess Voyager class has only one table then? Posted January 23, Posted April 22, Can anyone tell me if the poker tables on Allure are non-smoking? Thanks in advance! I symphony they would end smoking on all areas of the ships. Posted April 23, Join the conversation You can post now and register later.

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Re: poker games symphony 1

Postby Kesida on 13.03.2020

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